[Alif International] Alif International (Further `AI`) is a speedy growing and trustworthy exporting organization of Bangladesh since past decades.

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[Alif Corporation Ltd.] `ACL' is a sustainable trading house doing business at home and abroad with maximum priority on standard

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[Alif Properties Ltd.] We are in Real Estate sector for quite sometime and have established a prosperous national companies that

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[Alif Auto Bricks Ltd.] Under that context, we have undertaken this privilege and established an auto brick manufacturing company under

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[Alif Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.] Alif Pulp & Paper Mills Limited is going to inaugurate and run a 50Ton/day Writing Printing Paper mills & 30

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[Alif Ceramic Industries Ltd.] We have undertaken the privilege to establish a ceramic tiles manufacturing project under the name & banner

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[Alif Synthetic Textile Industries Ltd.] Alif Group has also extended it's business look in the Non-woven fabric manufacturing and

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[Adams Telecom Ltd.] Adams Telecom Limited is a leading ICT Solution provider in Bangladesh. Founded in 2007, Adams Telecom

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[Alliance Best Tobacco Ltd.] We are a leading Exporting house in Bangladesh and exporting several traditional and non-traditional

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Organization Strategy

We're working since past decades in

It's Mother Concerns Alif International has emerged as one of the sustainable and consistent exporter of the country.

The Entity is engaged in Export of Raw and processed

It has been awarded more than 3 times most prestigious 'National Export Trophy (Gold)', by the Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh.

View of Difference

These specific points are really proved that- we are different than other

The Alif Group is also engaged in Real Estate, environment friendly auto bricks manufacture and other lucrative ventures at home and abroad.

Capture of maximum market share at each sector by providing quality product and services are the foremost motto of the Group.

The Alif Group is dedicated to maximize it's buyers satisfaction by adhering to highest quality and ethical standards and building distinctive sales.

Marketing capabilities with efficient and capable management team.

It's Corporate office is situated at Eskaton Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.